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(Applerigg FIZZ x FETCH Granting Pleasure)

DOB 07.06.2015


blue merle ghost tan
51cm, 16kg

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD Free

MDR1 +/+
eyes clear (07.2018)

Agility LA3

Tayo's name comes from japanese word Taiyo which means sun. And she thinks she is the sun ;) She is a bit spoiled little princess, but exactly - she is my perfect princess and I love her to the moon and back. In everyday life she is calm and can sleep all day long, but at the same time she will be always ready for work when I ask her to. She's always trying to behave well, if I tell her she can't do something she's gonna remember about it and try not to do it in the future, sometimes failing ofc, but usually immediately correcting herself. And also repeating good behaviours she was taught/rewarded for. She is also a water freak - can swim for hours and it's hard to get her out of the water. She is very sweet and very princessy, likes to have her own space. Tayo can sense my feelings very well - we understand each other without words. She is quite sensitive when it comes to noises, but not in a way that would affect our life. We travel by trains a lot and often go to the city, and maybe she doesn't feel completely confident all the time, but she is totally seamless. She's friendly to other dogs and also wants them to like her, and if they do, she'll quickly become friends with them. When if comes to people she rather ignores strangers, but loves her aunties and uncles and always wants to greet them when she sees them. Sometimes she also chooses a person she likes out of the crowd and smiling and wagging her tail to her/him. She's got no problem with kids, she's really gentle and nice with them. Though she's friendly to other people she's a dog of a one owner, you have to earn her trust and esteem if you want her to listen to you and still she'll look at me. From calm princess at home she is becoming a real machine on a course. She doesn't really like to wait for her turn, but at work she is very attentive, fast and with great will to please. She reveals her tough character when working - nothing can stop her. She moves beautifully, wraps tight, respects handling and listens to the verbals and will run with everyone who has her toy. She thinks and stays safe, and that's the thing I really love. She'll work for a toy and food the same and has got no problems switching between it. Her life hobby is racing and she's a great view to observe while running. She also controls her body nicely (always did, even as a puppy). Tayo is everything I could ever dream for then taking my next dog and I love every bit of her <3

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